SAR Jackets

We are the preferred cold-weather uniform provider for CUSTOM, highly technical, waterproof-breathable shell jackets, 3-season jackets, waterproof pants and bibs, jumpsuits, softshell, fleece and windshells for many SAR teams, Fire-Rescue Departments, Ambulance Companies, Care Flight Personnel, across the nation. We offer uniforms specific the needs of the job and according to your climate.

We are already the #1 supplier uniforms in the ski resort industry, providing cold-weather uniforms to snowmakers, ski patrollers, mountain operations and instructors –who cannot get out of the weather in their line of work. Our gear is more durable, comfortable, and stylish, and made with special features specific to your needs. Call us to tell us what you’d like built for your group.

SAR Jacket Virga Jacket (Priority One ) – Royal
704LCCCOrange Isotherm 3-Season Jacket (Contra Costa Cty) – Orange
704mpsMonroeYellow Isotherm 3-Season Jacket (Monroe Ambulance) – Safety Yellow
Search and Rescue Jacket Isotherm 3-Season Jacket (Yuba County Sheriff) – Tangerine
702NYRangersRed Dolomite Jacket (NY Rangers) – Red/Blk
702PatrolRB Dolomite Patrol Jacket (Stowe, Holimont, etc) – Red/Black
9OliveBlk Jumpsuit – Olive/Blk
604CCCOrange Isotherm Softshell (Contra Costa Cty) – Orange
212BlkBlk Radio Vest w/ Elastic – Blk/Blk
212nBlkBlk Radio Vest w/ Shock Cord – Blk/Blk
712BlkBlk Radio Jacket w/ Elastic – Blk/Blk
712nBlkBlk Radio Jacket w/ Shock Cord – Blk/Blk
704mpsFireRed Isotherm 3-Season Jacket (Chena Goldstream) – Red
704LRB Isotherm Ops Jacket, Long – Red/Blk
704mWachusettOrng Isotherm Jacket, Mid (Wachusett) – Orange
712nPatrolRB Rescue Jacket w/ Shock Cord – Red/Black
711PatrolRB Rescue Jacket w/ Elastic – Red/Black
212nOrangeBlk Radio Vest w/ Shock Cord – Orange/Blk
SAR jacket Isotherm 3-Season Jacket (Halifax SAR) – Orange
007 Full Side-Zip Pants #007 – Black
8008Blk Cargo Pants #008 – Black
8009Blk Tech Utility Bib Pants #009 – Black